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Product introduction
Square Boron Carbide Tiles


The toughest armor there is, used for stopping everything the enemy can throw at you.

All Plates can be customized based on the drawings and requirements!!

Technical Parameters

1. B4C Content:>98.5%;
2. Volume Density :>2.50g/cm³ ;
3. Microhardness :>3659MPa,
4. Compressive Strength :>3466MPa;
5. Bending Strength :>550Mpa;
6. Breaking Tenacity :>3.49MPa.M1/2;


1. Balance between the highest protection/weight/affordability
2. Highest level of protection under NIJ 0101.06 and other global standards
3. Lightweight and ergonomic
4. Advanced lightweight composite of Boron Carbide
5. Can be used for both the chest and the back
6. Can be produced in breastplate, square or hexagonal shape as clients required


● For Level III certification, nine armor inserts are required
● For Level IV certification, 7 to 37 armor inserts are required
● All new vests and hard armor plates will be immersed for 30 minutes before testing starts. As per section 7.8.2 NIJ STD 0101.06
● For certification Level IIA, II and IIIA, 28 complete vests must be provided

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